Paint maker moves its operations to Reno |

Paint maker moves its operations to Reno

NNBW Staff

Helios Energy Products Inc.

moved its headquarters, manufacturing and distribution operations to Reno from the Sacramento area.

Risto Klimovich, chief executive officer of Helios, said the company has developed coating products that are more energy efficient than traditional paint.

The 14-year-old company, previously headquartered at Diamond Springs, Calif., this month began advertising for distributors to build a national sales network.

Previously, Klimovich said, the company has relied on direct sales to institutional users such as schools and local governments as well as to painting contractors.

The company will employ three people in Reno, according to the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada, which worked to bring Helios to the region.

Klimovich said the company was attracted to Reno by the open-minded attitude Nevada utility companies have about energy-savings products.

Helios’ coatings, marketed under the Enerchron name, last four to five times longer than traditional paint, dramatically increase energy efficiency, are difficult to deface with graffiti and provide additional fire retardant quality, Klimovich said.