Peppermill bids big for space |

Peppermill bids big for space

John Seelmeyer

A quick lesson in the value of eyeballs: A few weeks ago, 38 acres of land at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport was leased for about $350,000 a year.

About the same time, 56 square feet not acres, but square feet inside the airport’s passenger terminal was leased for a tad over $126,000 a year.

But the Peppermill Hotel Casino thinks the value of those 56 square feet can’t be overestimated as the Peppermill successfully bid for the space where it will install an advertising display.

The appeal of the space is its location near the sculpture of a skier at the terminal’s entrance, says Liz Younger, whose Younger Agency in Reno handles the leasing of the facility’s advertising space.

“Everybody who flies into Reno walks by that position,” she said last week.

“It’s as valuable as a billboard on Interstate 80.”

In the peak summer travel season, more than 200,000 airport users a month walk by the spot to be leased by the Peppermill.

Even in the airport’s slowest months, the figure doesn’t dip much below 175,000 a month.

They’ll see an advertising message delivered on a panel 16 feet wide and just over 3 feet wide.

The Peppermill also leases a nearby panel that’s 20 feet wide and splashes its name in neon in front of arriving travelers.

The Peppermill wasn’t alone in seeing the value of the advertising location.

The Atlantis Casino Report also bid for the three-year lease on the spot.


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