Period pub concept cozies up to St. Charles |

Period pub concept cozies up to St. Charles

NNBW staff

The Firkin & Fox, a restaurant owned by brothers Jim and Jeff Phalan of Carson City, will open in early January on the ground floor of the St. Charles Hotel. The Fox’s Den, a drinking spot, adjoins.

The Firkin & Fox, a franchised English style concept, dovetails with the historic authenticity of the St. Charles Hotel, says Phalan. He spent half a year researching franchise possibilities before choosing one most compatible with that location.

The 5,000-square-foot interior harks back to an earlier era with red velvet upholstery, brass accents, mother-of-pearl and details and acid-edged glass. “The franchisor says our location ranks in their top five for warmth and authenticity,” says Phelps.

But when Phelps first saw the space, he recalls, “It looked like a bomb went off.” And the original brick was so soft he feared to sandblast the surface, opting instead to restore it with hand drill and wire brush.


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