Pioneering location pays off for financial firm |

Pioneering location pays off for financial firm

Pat Patera

An island of an office park sits in the midst of a sea of snow and mud just south of the massive Carson Tahoe hospital complex rising at the north end of Carson City.

Built nearly four years ago when the Silver Oaks Golf Course was nothing more than a mobile home in a field, when the hospital complex was but a gleam in a planner’s eye the property was relatively cheap, says Randy Kuckenmeister, one of five group owners of the building and land.

“Being on a golf course,we felt this was a strong place to be from an investment standpoint,” Kuckenmeister says.

Today, with the hospital encouraging doctors to build clinics on the adjoining land, the pioneering property investment of one and a quarter acres has paid off.

Purchased in 2000, the property value of building and land has increased 70 percent, says Kuckenmeister, while raw land prices south of the new hospital complex have gone up 130 percent.

Home to four service businesses Sierra Financial Mortgage LLC, Sierra Financial Advisors LLC, Sierra Technology and Consulting LLC, and KBCA LLC, a CPA firm the one-story stucco complex appears, from the highway, to be inaccessible.

Access to the building is tricky, from a roundabout at the end of GS Richards Boulevard off of College Parkway.

“Our existing clients know how to get here,” says Kuckenmeiser.”The senior citizens like the ample parking close to the doors.”

When the hospital is finished, a road with a stoplight will provide direct access from Highway 395, he says.

The companies were located in a 3,500- square-foot building on Winnie Lane but after growing to 22 employees, had run out of room, said Kuckenmeister.

The new 10,000- square-foot building is already full.

“With 30 employees now,we’re wrestling with how much bigger we want to become.” Choice of location was based on a lack of commercial property available in Carson City, combined with a long-standing relationship with Silver Oaks Homes, the developer, for whom KBCA CPAs handled accounting work.

Darsi Casey, one of five partners, and Kuckenmeister drew up the concept for the new building, drafted by Julio Sandoval and built by Silver Oaks Homes.


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