The importance of visualization in real estate |

The importance of visualization in real estate

Lisa Wetzel and Jim Valentine
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Visualization is important for achievement. Whether in athletics or real estate, it is a means to assist a better outcome.

Visualization is the formation of visual images. Visualization is important to athletes for developing the right mindset and muscle motor memory patterns required in order to prevail over like-skilled competition. Real estate participants can benefit greatly from visualization before and during the process of buying and selling.

Whether a Buyer or Seller, it is important to get a vision in your mind of what you want to achieve. The more specific you are, the more likely it is that you will accomplish your objective.

For instance, if you think you want a three bedroom, two bath, three car garage home on half an acre or more, your thoughts about what you want are rather vague.

What do you really want? Split floorplan with guest bedrooms opposite the master? Slab granite counters with hickory cabinets, double oven, 5 burner range, vaulted ceilings, fireplace? Insulated finished garage, perhaps an overhead space heater for winter working? What kind of landscaping? Labor intensive for your hobby, or the opposite so you can enjoy other hobbies?

Keep adding to your vision as you think of things. The more you include the more likely it is that you will attract the right home as a result. It’s almost like envisioning a home for new construction, but instead you are establishing the criteria for buying a resale home that truly meets your wants and needs.

Sellers, too, can visualize the perfect Buyer scenario. Often the goal is to have a cash Buyer come along with a two week escrow that will allow you a month to move after the close of escrow.

On the other hand, sometimes Sellers want to sell but aren’t really quite ready to get moving. A slower transaction is what they are looking for. In such case visualize the family that loves your home and are themselves getting ready to make a move at a moderate pace.

What quality of Buyer are you looking for and what timelines work for you. Think about that and create a picture in your mind of how that will work for you. How does it feel? Can you see yourself in that picture?

One way to help you visualize is to create a Dream Board. If a Buyer, put up pictures of homes that reflect your desires in a new home. Include lifestyle items like chickens or a tractor if appropriate.

A basketball hoop, vegetable garden, or barbecue, pictures that will enhance the vision. Clip pictures from magazines, use family pics, etc. Assemble your desired lifestyle in pictures and look at it often.

Our Advice: Understand, the why is the way. Don’t just think of the end goal and think it out of reach. If you know why you want it, a strong desire to live the life you envision on your Dream Board, the way will appear.

Don’t let negative thoughts enter your mind. When you say to yourself that you’ll never find the right house, or nobody will buy your house, you are right. With that mindset, you will always be right.

Get to visualizing the positive side of things and enjoy, not only the pleasure of positive thinking, but the results that generate from the power of such positive visualization of what you want in your real estate experience.

We are living on a property the pictures of which we had used as an example of what it was we wanted. We were not considering that property, but after many “coincidences” we ended up buying and building on the very property that was the subject of our Dream Board pictures. Like Jimmy Buffet sang, “Believe it and it will come true!”

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