Regional tourism marketing group begins big Atlanta push |

Regional tourism marketing group begins big Atlanta push

John Seelmeyer

Northern Nevada tourism officials next week roll out a high-powered marketing campaign in Atlanta a $700,000 budget, about 1.3 million pieces of direct mail, parties for tour operators and travel journalists.

Sound like a lot just to boost traffic on a single daily nonstop flight that Delta will run between Reno and its Atlanta hub? The target isn’t just the 183 seats on the flight that will begin Dec.

1, say representatives of the Regional Marketing Committee, a group that’s focused on improving air service to northern Nevada.

“We worked so hard to get it,we want to make sure we keep it full,” says Candace Duncan, chairman of the Regional Marketing Committee and executive director of the Carson City Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Here’s what the Regional Marketing Committee will be doing to keep those seats filled:

* This week, it will host parties for about 120 tour operators and at least 25 journalists in Atlanta to introduce them to the attractions of northern Nevada.

* Working with Delta, the group will conduct live broadcasts and giveaways on radio stations in the Southeast.

* The hotel and casino properties that participate in the Regional Marketing Committee will deliver about 300,000 direct mail pieces to Delta customers, offering them special rates and access to an unpublished low fare on Delta flights.

* The marketing committee itself will spend $350,000 this winter and another $350,000 next summer on advertising ranging from a million-piece direct mailing to billboards, radio spots and Internet advertising.

Delta in turn will promote the nonstop service in venues such as its electronic message boards in airports and will be offering double Skymiles to travelers on the route.

Nonstop service from Atlanta is particularly critical in opening the Southeast market to Reno tourism, Duncan says.

Florida, for instance, is among the top markets for Lake Tahoe-area ski resorts.

In fact, if the promotional efforts can woo enough passengers, Regional Marketing Commission members hope that Delta might add more nonstops between Reno and Atlanta.

The heavy spending by northern Nevada tourism groups on joint promotional efforts is equally important in the message it delivers to airlines, says Ronelle Klingensmith,whose Reno-based RKPR Public Relations Inc.

handles press relations for the group.

“When we come forward with money, the airlines get very interested,”Klingensmith says.

Duncan notes, too, that the learning in this week’s sessions with tour operators and reporters will be a two-way street.While members of the Regional Marketing Committee will provide information about attractions ranging from ski resorts to the Nevada State Railroad Museum, they’ll also be learning about the preferences of Atlanta-area travelers.

Next up for the marketing committee is promotion of new once-a-week nonstop service between Reno and Newark.

In fact,New York media will be hosted at informational get-together this Thursday.

The Newark service, which begins in December, initially is planned to run only through the ski season.


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