Reno-based Capstak and PublicAssets announce strategic national commercial real estate partnership |

Reno-based Capstak and PublicAssets announce strategic national commercial real estate partnership

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Capstak and PublicAssets are pleased to announce the launch of a nationwide strategic partnership whereas Capstak has on-boarded PublicAssets’ database of billions of dollars of government commercial leases and RFPs onto the Capstak proprietary Haves & Wants platform for the commercial real estate industry.

“The government CRE market is 15 percent of the total commercial real estate market in the United States and is extremely active. Capstak’s digital deal platform for commercial real estate professionals and cutting-edge mobile technology is the ideal channel to distribute PublicAssets’ database to drive deal flow and opportunity for governments, agents, and the broader CRE ecosystem,” said Skip Rudolf, CEO of PublicAssets.

“Governments are leasing more space than ever and acting more commercial than ever,” said Michael Schnabel, Co-CEO of Capstak. “Leveraging Capstak’s Haves & Wants proprietary technology, tens of thousands of formerly hidden opportunities to lease, dispose, and acquire property will get exposure to local and national markets.”

Commented Heather Goldman, Co-CEO, Capstak, “The industry has long lacked an inventory of government assets that’s readily accessible to the community in a way that supports local governments and companies to optimize their commercial real estate holdings. We are thrilled to be partnering with PublicAssets to bring this visibility to the market in a way that can drive transactions.”

About Capstak

Capstak is a market network that centralizes the commercial real estate industry and its activities through actionable-connectivity. Capstak’s proprietary technology solutions empower the $15 trillion commercial real estate industry by enabling CRE professionals to find deals, source capital and identify trusted business partners with greater ease and efficiency. The company is headquartered in Reno with offices in New York and San Francisco.

About PublicAssets

PublicAssets is cataloging the capital assets owned by governments around the world. The company’s first service is a government commercial real estate platform that provides CRE professionals access to billions of dollars in previously hidden opportunities in the massive and dynamic government commercial real estate market. The company has aggregated parcel data, lease expirations, requirements, and contacts for the 95,000+ governments, authorities, and special districts across the United States.