Reno-based solar company rolls out system in Lovelock |

Reno-based solar company rolls out system in Lovelock

NNBW staff

DoubleTree Ranch, a Lovelock producer of naturally grown produce to be sold at farmers markets and co-ops, will launch its use of a hybrid solar technology developed by Reno-based SunScience Corp.

The technology will allow DoubleTree Ranch to better control the temperature of soils inside its greenhouse operations.

John Shank, owner of the farm with his wife, Carol, said he expects seed gestation periods and plant growth to be improved significantly, allowing more plantings per year.

The farm has been in operation for three years.

James Parker, chief science officer of SunScience, says the company’s technology combines photovoltaic generation of electricity from sunlight with a thermal solar system to capture heat.

The combination, he says, creates efficiencies far greater than competing technologies.

Privately held SunScience originally targeted military and disaster-relief operations as market for its technology, but widened its focus to include greenhouses after talks with DoubleTree Ranch.

SunScience executives have projected 2011 revenues of about $1 million.