Reno business leaders launch Conscious Capitalism chapter in northern Nevada |

Reno business leaders launch Conscious Capitalism chapter in northern Nevada

Annie Conway
Co-CEO of the national Conscious Capitalism Alexander McCobin (left) speaking at the northern Nevada's chapter's launch party event held on Nov. 2. McCobin was joined by a panel from the local business community including Mark Trujillo, owner of Hub Coffee Roasters, Kelsey Martin, the chief people officer for Bristlecone Holdings, and Doug Chanselle-Hary from CustomInk.
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A group of local business leaders are challenging other businesses in northern Nevada to become more conscious about the way they conduct business.

These leaders recently launched a northern Nevada chapter of Conscious Capitalism. Conscious Capitalism is a global movement that works to elevate humanity through business. The northern Nevada chapter is the 36th Conscious Capitalism chapter in the world.

“Reno is a great place to live and a great place to do business,” Amber Barnes, founder of the northern Nevada chapter, said. “This can elevate business for everyone.”

Barnes explained that Conscious Capitalism is not a networking group. Rather, it is an advocacy group that works to educate business leaders on how capitalism can advance a company’s impact on society through certain business practices.

“For those who are not familiar with Conscious Capitalism, it is a lot of things at once,“ Alexander McCobin, co-CEO of the national Conscious Capitalism organization, said at the chapter’s launch event held Nov. 2 at The Basement in downtown Reno. “It is a philosophy, it is a realization and a movement.”

The organization challenges companies to think about the impact they have on humanity beyond just profits. They have four core tenants: higher purpose, stakeholder orientation, conscious leadership and conscious culture.

“We want every business to fulfill its potential to elevate humanity by utilizing these four tenants to strengthen the strategy and practices that already exist within a company,” McCobin said.

According to McCobin, Conscious Capitalism is non-profit organization that was started five years ago and is currently in 15 countries around the world.

More than 75 people from the northern Nevada business community attended the chapter’s sold out launch party held earlier this month.

“It is inspiring and really exciting,” Barnes said about the interest in the organization.

Many businesses in northern Nevada already incorporate tenants of Conscious Capitalism in some way or another.

“We all have different businesses and different ways of doing business.” Barnes said. The main question is “how do we give back in a more meaningful way?”

Barnes was first exposed to Conscious Capitalism while traveling for a training several years ago. On that trip, she met someone who told her about Conscious Capitalism. She collaborated with several other community members to start the new chapter.

Along with Barnes, the founding board members include Kerry Eaton of Drinkwater Law Office, Ira M. Gostin of 120 West Strategic Communications, David Hartman and Stefan Weber of Dogma Consulting, Melissa March of HR in Demand and Mark Trujillo, the owner of Hub Coffee Roasters.

“In Reno, the fuse has been lit,” Hartman said at the event, referring to the economic growth in the Biggest Little City. “And now is the perfect time to get behind this movement.”

According to Barnes, there are several ways to get involved with the new chapter. Individuals can become ambassadors for the chapter, which has some financial obligations, or they can volunteer with the chapter. Business can also get involved by becoming corporate sponsors.

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