Reno businesses deal with creative solutions, voluntary closures, unemployment |

Reno businesses deal with creative solutions, voluntary closures, unemployment

Stephanie Serrano

KUNR Public Radio

Pangolin Cafe is currently temporarily closed to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus in Reno.
Courtesy photo

RENO, Nev. — As coronavirus social distancing continues to be encouraged in Nevada by local and state officials, unprecedented changes and new public gathering restrictions have left small business owners questioning their future.

Before the mandated closures, some businesses had voluntarily made their own restrictions, like Pangolin Cafe, a 5-month-old business in Midtown, which closed its dine-in area before officials instructed.

“Honestly, no. We didn’t see a slowdown and I think that was part of the conversation with my business partner. We’re not seeing a slowdown on our side,” said Joel Stewart said, co-owner of Pangolin Cafe. “We’re waiting for the governor to make an announcement, we’re waiting for the mayor to make an announcement and none of that was happening. We needed to do something because we were tired of waiting for someone to make that decision.”

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