Reno ranks high in discretionary income study |

Reno ranks high in discretionary income study

NNBW Staff

Reno ranks 12th out of 26 small cities in the Mountain West Region for discretionary income, according to the first annual Trove Discretionary Income Study.

Meanwhile, Carson City was ranked number six for discretionary income, while Nevada ranks first among all Mountain States for discretionary income.

The study also found Reno ranked number one for both the legal occupations category among all 36 cities in the region and among all 305 small- and medium-sized cities in the United States. Reno ranked second in the healthcare practitioners and technical occupations category and middle class occupations.

The state of Nevada also ranks number one among states regionally for occupations with salaries in the middle quintiles (middle-class paying jobs) and number two among higher-paying occupations (salaries in the top quintile).

The study, compiled by Trove Technologies, Inc., is the first of its kind to incorporate data that reflect regional differences in salaries, cost of living, and taxes to most accurately reveal the take home pay of American workers across 778 occupations. While there are many “cost-of-living” calculators that highlight general income differences across cities, there are no others that take into account the effect of taxes on the cost of living or identify the significant differences by occupation.

The rankings are based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), The Tax Foundation, and The Council For Community and Economic Research. For a link to the study, please visit:, or for specifically Reno, go to: