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Unique studio space works to ‘Hatch’ creativity in Reno

Brook Bentley
Jeramie Lu, owner, stands in one of the naturally lit studio spaces at the Hatch.
NNBW Staff |

Hatch is a unique studio space that provides professional photographers, videographers and artists a location to meet, shoot and sell their creative work specific to their needs of the growing industry.

Owner Jeramie Lu discovered the value of a space like Hatch when he found himself letting other industry professionals use his studio.

The challenge was he needed someone to let people in and out of the space and keep an eye on items in the studio.

“I thought, how do I get a bigger space, but not have to let them in and out?” Lu said.

Hatch began as a simple studio space in 2013.

“The first year was tough,” Lu recalled.

The white-walled, studio photography setting made it easy to identify if industry professionals had done their work at Hatch.

This was something that Lu really wanted to get away from and in June 2016 they moved to their current location at 750 East Fifth Street.

The building is now known as The Tower, but those familiar with Reno history can probably recall the building that had the Volkswagen spider bug on the roof for about 20 years before it relocated to Sparks.

Built in 1890, the historic building carries unique qualities that foster the creative environment Hatch is after.

“The space provides amazing natural light,” Lu said.

Lu explained the goal of the studio is to allow their members to do whatever they want with the space and not feel limited with their creativity.

“If you just have a camera, we have everything else you need,” Lu said of photographer members.

Hatch provides 24/7 studio access to photographers, videographers and artists alike through a secure and reliable entrance.

“We vet all out photographers,” Lu explained.

This has become an important part of Hatch as Lu explained the need for safety when models and photographers are meeting.

There are currently 72 members at Hatch that are a mix of photographers, videographers, models and like-minded creative artists.

These members pay a monthly fee to gain access to the studio, workshops, community events and the network Hatch has to offer.

“Without Hatch, there is no networking,” Lu explained of the industry.

They also maintain around seven interns that each work about six hours a week. They help clean, give tours and keep everything up to date in Hatch’s space.

Lu explained their internship is in trade for membership.

Members have the option to pay month to month, so they can start and stop their membership as needed. Lu noted their members are a mix of male and female, range in age from 16 to 70 and encompass a variety of races.

However, Lu noted that not everyone in the industry believes that the rising tides raise all ships but Hatch works to foster that idea.

“Community over competition, that’s our hashtag,” Lu said.

The Hatch has provided an environment for all levels of experience in the industry as well.

“Everyone here has been more successful because of Hatch,” Lu said.

Moving forward, one of Lu’s visions is to have a network of Hatch locations. Lu used examples like Hatch Natural, Hatch Truckee, Hatch Las Vegas and more.

“It is ever evolving,” Lu said.

Lu is focusing a lot of energy on grants right now, as HatchLab is in the final steps of becoming a 501(c) (3) nonprofit.

Once they become a nonprofit Lu hopes to upgrade a lot of their lighting equipment as well as incorporate more education.

“We will be teaching more workshops once we are a nonprofit,” Lu said.

They currently drive membership via social media outlets and in person tours. Lu noted that people are typically inspired to join when they see the space and opportunity it provides.

One concern for Lu is to keep the membership fees the same even though their rent will increase when the building goes through upgrades.

“It is more a passion than a business,” Lu said.

To learn more about Hatch or to schedule a tour of their space, visit the website at http://www.hatch.com.