Reno studies expansion of crime training for apartment managers |

Reno studies expansion of crime training for apartment managers

NNBW staff

Reno landlords with 40 or more units could be required to participate in a police-sponsored program to reduce crime. Reno City Council heard the proposal this month.

The city currently requires landlords with apartment complexes of 120 or more units to attend the crime-free training program to help them reduce crime, drugs and gang activity in their apartment complexes.

The proposed changes would lower that threshold to include apartment complexes of 40 units of more.

The Reno Police Department estimates about 50 properties will be affected if the ordinance is adopted by the Reno City Council. It approved the original ordinance in 2006.

New managers have 45 days in which to take the training that is provided by the Reno Police Department’s Community Affairs Unit. Failure to comply can result in a citation and fines.

Landlords are encouraged to employ security measures such as deadbolt locks, peepholes, adequate lighting and landscaping to deter crime.

The program’s second phase involves on-site police inspections to help property managers meet minimum security requirements.

The third phase teaches crime prevention and reporting to residents.

The Reno Police Department began presenting the Crime Free Multi-Housing program in 2005.