Reno-Tahoe region stays in running to win future Olympics bid |

Reno-Tahoe region stays in running to win future Olympics bid

Bill Rozak

The Olympic Rings at High Camp, Squaw Valley. Lake Tahoe in the background.
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Olympic heritage Go here to read how Squaw Valley overcame Mother Nature and financial woes to host 1960 Winter Olympics.

RENO-TAHOE — The Reno Tahoe Winter Games Coalition is reviewing an invitation to take part in an unprecedented accelerated process to select the next U.S. city to represent the country in a future Winter Olympic bid competition.

According to a press release from the coalition, which has long held the formal role of representing the area’s interests in Olympic-related matters, it has a “hard deadline” of Nov. 9 to decide whether it wants to accept the official invite from the U.S. Olympic Committee.

The invitation included a comprehensive workbook seeking detailed information on a variety of bid categories and factors.

“This invitation is an affirmation of all the inspired time and effort contributed by so many over the past 15 years to return the Olympic rings to our area,” said RTWGC Board Chairman Brian Krolicki. “We have always believed that the Reno-Tahoe region offers a very unique and exciting opportunity to welcome the world’s Olympic community, especially its elite winter athletes, while creating long-lasting benefits for our communities.

“We are exceedingly proud that our collective and sustained Olympic related efforts have been recognized by the USOC. (We) are delighted to be one of three cities considered capable of hosting a future Olympic Winter Games in the United States.”

Reno-Tahoe, as reported in January, is one of three U.S. regions considered possible contenders for a future Winter Olympics.

The USOC did not specify the year targeted to host this future Olympic Winter Games.

The RTWGC has been reviewing the workbook and will move forward only if it feels like it’s the right move for the region.

“From the start, we have asserted that a Winter Games bid must make economic, environmental and social sense,” said Jon Killoran, RTWGC CEO, in the release. “We are proud to be recognized by the USOC as worthy of this opportunity, and we shall review the requirements set forth in the USOC workbook through the lens of ensuring that we can satisfy our firm commitment to these principles. Timing is also a key component, both on the home front, as well as the Olympic Games bid situation from cycle to cycle.”

The last, and only, Winter Games to be held in the Reno-Tahoe region was in 1960 at Squaw Valley.

Salt Lake City, the 2002 Winter Olympic host, and Denver were the two other cities invited to take part in the process.

RTWGC leadership is currently attending sports conferences, continuing its efforts to bring elite sports competitions and events to the Reno-Tahoe region and the state of Nevada.


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