Reno tech startup releases new sensor technology |

Reno tech startup releases new sensor technology

NNBW Staff
SimpleSense co-founders Mark Lorkowski, left, and Eric Kanagy show a prototype sensor at the University of Nevada, Reno Innevation Center makerspace in Reno.
Courtesy SimpleSense

SimpleSense, a Reno startup that develops sensors such as those for websites, has launched of their first sensor, a human presence sensor based on infrared technology.

The sensor detects people and how long they’re present, like website analytics but for a physical location. Early customer feedback has demonstrated high demand for this location-based presence data, the main reason that the company decided to pursue human presence data first.

Many solutions currently exist for measuring presence and counting people, but according to SimpleSense’s early customers, cost and complexity has kept these solutions from being rapidly scalable.

“One customer said 60 percent of their technology installs fail, simply due to complexity of installation and maintenance,” said co-founder Alex Brickner. “By solving this problem, we make the data an order of magnitude more operationally feasible.”

SimpleSense was co-founded by Brickner, Mark Lorkowski, and Eric Kanagy. The trio previously ran competing retail tech startups in the Midwest region of the United States. They ultimately joined forces as part of the inaugural class of the InNEVator 2017 accelerator at The Innevation Center University of Nevada, Reno.