Reno Town Mall changes taking place over the next couple of months |

Reno Town Mall changes taking place over the next couple of months

Special to NNBW

The Reno Town Mall, once known as the Old Town Mall to long-time Renoites, has many dramatic developments taking place over the next couple of months. America Matters Media is moving its radio studio and media operations to a glass enclosed showcase at the front of the mall. This space will be combined with the Silver State Coffee Company & Café to create a large, centrally located community town hall where you can come and chat over a cup of coffee, host seminars and lunch meetings, or discuss the issues of the day.

Virginia City mining magnate Hugh Roy Marshall is relocating the historic Marshall Mint, along with his wife Cynthia’s antique and estate jewelry store, to the front entrance. This also includes a museum which will bring the legacy of the Comstock Lode to the front entrance.

The western annex strip center on the Peckham Road side is also currently under construction, including a planned food court with patio area, and will be finished along with the mall improvements by the end of November.

The mall also has two new retail concepts planned for early 2017 which will add additional foot traffic.

For more details check out the Oct. 17 edition of the NNBW.