Reno Web company succeeds nationally, Unknown at home |

Reno Web company succeeds nationally, Unknown at home


American Internet, Inc a bright star in the medium-sized Web-hosting world is nearly invisible in Reno, its hometown.

The privately held corporation launched in 1998 by Brian Fairchild provides web hosting and related services to 10,000 domains and 150,000 mail users at

Its clients include a base of small and home offices,with a large segment of individuals and small startups plus a sprinkling of larger, high-end customers.

But unless those customers are friends, neighbors or relatives of the six people working at the Reno-based Internet company, they’re not from Reno.

One of the customers is a Turkish publisher, says Stephen Satchell,American Internet systems administrator.

The rest of the customers come from all parts of the world and the United States.

But not Reno.

Apparently a company can be quite successful on a national scale without the help of Renoites.

So successful that it attracted a buyer from Las Vegas.

The company was recently purchased by Lou Gardella,who previously owned and then sold Las Vegas Jiffy Smog stations.

Plans are for Gardella to be a landlord more than anything else, says Satchell.

The ownership transition is intended to be transparent,with a minor name change from American Internet Communications, Inc.

to American Internet, Inc.

Virtually all of American Internet’s customer base, says Satchell, discovered the company through the Internet, where the company has put almost all of its marketing efforts.

The appeal has worked nationally but it has not attracted local attention.

The lion’s share of the company’s efforts go into Web search engine placement.

The company works at staying at the top of the search lists.

American Internet did some magazine ads, too, says Satchell, but they didn’t work.Neither did radio advertisements.

Internet sells via the Internet was the lesson learned.

But since local customers aren’t being won over via the Internet, Satchell has plans for getting out and about in the community.

The folks at American Internet will be approaching computer stores, computer consultants,web design companies, and new companies moving to the area.

They’ll be seen at meetings of local tech groups.And Satchell is planning to be part of the Northern Nevada Development Authority Annual Business and Technology Expo.

Part of the outreach to the northern Nevada area is for the civic pride of it, says Satchell.Another part is a simple desire on the part of staff members to be part of the community in which they live.


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