Renown Health brings CinemaVision goggles to Nevada to improve comfort for MRI patients |

Renown Health brings CinemaVision goggles to Nevada to improve comfort for MRI patients

Annie Conway
Renown Health now offers a imaging technology called CinemaVision goggles that allows patients to watch a movie or TV show during an MRI.
Courtesy Renown Health |

Renown Health is taking steps to provide a safe distraction for patients who need an MRI. They now offer a technology called CinemaVision goggles that allows patients to block out the sights and sounds of the MRI machine by watching a movie or TV show.

“CinemaVision is like watching a 42-inch TV from about 5-feet away,” Christy Orosco, imaging manager at Renown, said in a phone interview with NNBW.

The video goggles have noise canceling headphones that reduce the sounds of the MRI machine while still allowing the patient to hear the technician if needed. A basic MRI typically lasts around 30 minutes; however, some can last two hours. Children need to stay still through the MRI to get accurate results.

“That is paramount in being able to get through a study and to not have to repeat a study,” Orosco said.

The goggles play movies from a DVD player. Patients can choose to bring their own movie or can pick from Renown’s selection.

“Most parents, if it is a child, really know what their kids like and what they are going to sit still and watch,” she said.

The CinemaVision technology is also used for adults. It can be particularly beneficial to patients who experience anxiety, claustrophobia as well as patients with PTSD.

“It takes away that anxiety because you don’t feel like you are in a tube,” she said.

According to Orosco, Renown is the only medical facility to offer the CinemaVision technology to their patients in the state of Nevada.

“We are excited to be able to offer that,” she said.

Renown acquired their one set of CinemaVision goggles in May 2016. It is currently in their outpatient 3T MRI at the Center for Advanced Medicine C, located at 75 Pringle Way in Reno. They are working on getting a second set for inpatient use. The CinemaVision Goggles cost about $44,000. Renown was able to purchase the technology from funds raised from the fall 2015 Lazer Radiothon.

Since implementing the new technology, Renown has seen a 60 percent reduction of pediatric anesthesia cases and about 20 percent reduction in adult anesthesia cases. Sedating fewer patients not only lowers costs but also reduces the risk for complications.

“Anytime you give sedation there is a possibility of a risk for complications,” Orosco said.

By not being sedated, patients can continue with the rest of their day normally once they finish the MRI.

CinemaVision is just one of Renown’s imagining technologies. They also offer open MRI, low dose CT, SonoCiné automated whole breast ultrasound and more. Renown is also the only pediatric radiologist and Children’s Imaging Center in northern Nevada.

Renown plans to continue to invest in more CinemaVision goggles.

“It certainly has made our families a lot happier,” Orosco said.