Saint Mary’s hosts fitness program for individuals managing multiple sclerosis |

Saint Mary’s hosts fitness program for individuals managing multiple sclerosis

Saint Mary’s Fitness Center is launching its first ever 12-week Chronic Disease Management Program for individuals managing Multiple Sclerosis. The main goal of the program is help participants shift their focus from “illness” to wellness.

During the 12-week program, participants will focus on methods to help improve their quality of life through developing healthy habits, improving balance and posture, and enhancing the mind-body connection.

“After talking to members within our community, I realized there is a gap in care and support for those diagnosed with MS,” Cassie Goodman, Medical Exercise and Safety Supervisor, said in a press release. “Initially, a member of our community reached out to me in regards to starting up an exercise class specific to those managing MS. While doing research on how we could offer that, I found that there was a significant lack in resources for overall wellness offered to this population. I then realized that we (the Fitness Center) could develop a program that included all components of a healthy lifestyle.”

The program begins Aug. 30. Participants must sign up by Aug. 21 and have a physician’s clearance. The group meets at 2 p.m. on Wednesdays at Saint Mary’s Fitness Center, 645 N. Arlington Ave. Suite 100.

Enrollment is $79 per person and included three month gym membership; introductory session; one-on-one assessment and follow up; weekly group session with health coaching and exercise; exercise plan; post-program assessment; and an exit plan.

Contact Cassie Goodman at 775-770-7874 or