Shipito exec breathes easier after purchase |

Shipito exec breathes easier after purchase

John Vanhara, chief executive officer of Shipito LLC, says finding affordable warehouse space has been one of the concerns of the company headquartered at Torrance, Calif.

Vanhara’s recent purchase of an 88,000-square-foot building in Minden alleviates many financial concerns for Shipito, a firm that specializes in shipping packages to customers outside the United States who make purchases from U.S. retailers who don’t ship internationally.

“My biggest worry is expense,” says Vanhara, who plans to move to Stateline and manage the new facility. “Our business might slow down. When I compare this building with others we own in Southern California, it is so much of a better deal for us. It really gives us some breathing room, and the building is huge, so it gives us some space so we can really focus on growth rather than finding more warehouse space.”

Shipito, a subsidiary of EastBiz Corp, which Vanhara also owns, expects to occupy its new facility on April 15 and be fully operational in a month after move-in. The startup is not too complex, Vanhara says.

Shipito could employ as many as 50 in two years, he adds. The company currently employs about 150 — up from 90 one year ago and roughly 50 in 2010. Shipito seeks warehousing, office support and customer service representatives.

The firm also has a location in Tualatin, Ore. Vanhara says cost of the Minden facility was among the primary factors in choosing to purchase the facility.

“We can be anywhere; it doesn’t really matter. We were mostly looking for a good warehouse and a good price. We decided to buy when we saw the building; that was the main reason.

“We cannot wait to start. We are really excited and getting everything ready so we can start as soon as possible.”

Chad Coons of Northern Nevada Real Estate helped Vanhara pick out the new location.

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