Sportif and Harley-Davidson win Nevada honors |

Sportif and Harley-Davidson win Nevada honors

NNBW Staff

Winning awards isn’t the reason companies give back to the community, says John E.

Kirsch, president of Sportif USA, but winning is a good feeling, he adds.

Sportif ‘s folks are feeling good all over.

The company will receive the Distinguished Business of the Year award at the 20th Annual Governor’s Industry Appreciation Awards in November, an award that recognizes the company’s community service and employee programs.

Sportif, a northern Nevada company since 1971, employs an average of 40 people and supports a corporate culture of community service and an integrated, active lifestyle.

Harley-Davidson Financial Services picked up the other top honor – the Commitment to Nevada award.

Donal Hummer, the company’s vice president of community and government affairs, echoes Kirsch’s sentiments.”It’s great when people recognize the effort,” he says.

“We figured out a long time ago,” adds Hummel, that it’s important to support the community.

The stronger the community, the better the quality of life, he adds, and the better the workforce as a result.Harley-Davidson’s award recognizes the company’s work in the community and its decision to remain in Nevada.

The company is building a new 100,000 square-foot facility in Carson City now, but they have been “heavily solicited” by areas outside Nevada, says Hummel.”We’re an attractive company,” he adds.

Harley-Davidson employs 465 people and has a $66.7 million economic impact in the region, according to the Economic Development Authority ofWestern Nevada.

“It can be economically devastating to a community when a company leaves.” says Ron Weisinger, executive director of the Northern Nevada Development Authority.

On the flip side, it’s great when they stay, and 70 percent of his work, he estimates, focuses on retention of existing Nevada businesses.

This being the 20th of the Annual Governor’s Industry Appreciation Awards, three Nevada governors (Gov.

Kenny C.

Guinn, and former Governors.

Bob Miller and Richard Bryan) will be attending the award ceremonies, says Weisinger.

The event, cohosted by EDAWN and the NNDA, in cooperation with the Nevada Commission on Economic Development, is a fund-raiser for the groups’ efforts.

The event takes place one week after the November elections, so Jeff Finkle, president and chief executive officer of International Economic Development Council and keynote speaker for the event,will talk about the effects of the elections, says Weisinger.

The group expects about 1,000 attendees for the $125 per person event, and is set to honor several additional companies.