Study: 10 percent of households will require TV converter boxes |

Study: 10 percent of households will require TV converter boxes

NNBW Staff

More than 26,000 Reno households will need to get TV converter boxes before television signals go digital in February, and many of them need to learn more about the transition as well.

Consumers Union reports Reno has 236,060 total television households, with 26,690 about 10 percent relying on over-the-air broadcasts.

The federal government is offering coupons to help fund continued TV viewing by those households.

Those who don’t subscribe to cable or satellite TV will need to purchase a TV converter box. It’s plugged between the antennae and the TV set and converts the digital signal to analog signal. Available at all consumer electronic stores, the boxes cost $50 to $70. People can send for two $40 coupons good for two

TVs. Call 888-DTV-2009 or go online at

However, the coupon expires 90 days after it’s mailed, and there are a limited number of coupons, says

Anthony Wilhelm, director of consumer education and public information for the converter box coupon program overseen by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

A survey from Consumer Reports National Research Center found that while 64 percent know about the digital transition, 74 percent have major misconceptions about the impact on their television services.

Federal education programs want them to realize there are cheaper options than buying a new television set.