Sunglasses manufacturer to close its Dayton facility |

Sunglasses manufacturer to close its Dayton facility

NNBW staff

Oakley Inc.’s scheduled closure of its manufacturing facility in Dayton was brought about by changes in the research and development for its signature sunglasses, an Oakley official said in a written statement.

The closure of the Oakley manufacturing facility that opened in 1996 affects about 75 employees, although Oakley has offered job transition for northern Nevada employees to its headquarters at Foothill Ranch in Orange County, Calif.

Oakley made its patented X Metal eyewear line at the Dayton facility.

“Bringing this technology to market has come with its challenges due to the complex science and cost that goes into producing each pair of X Metal frames,” company spokeswoman Cheri Quigley said. “The company has begun development of the next evolution of X Metal technology that will be supported by a reengineered manufacturing process. As a result, the company has decided to close its X Metal plant in Dayton at the end of March.”