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Technology that makes a difference

Jeffrey Benjamin

Benjamin Franklin quipped, “What use is a sun-dial in the shade?” Technology can dramatically improve your quality of life. It can make your life more efficient. It can de-stress your life. It can save your life.

Here are a few of my favorite technology tools you might want to consider:

* Get a GPS system. Caught in the middle of a hellish snowstorm in Colorado, I was convinced to buy a portable GPS system. Barely able to see the cars in front of me, let alone the freeway exits, I easily made my way to the airport. Had I not rented one to use in my car I would have definitely missed my flight. You’ve seen them advertised. A voice gives you turn-by-turn voice instructions. It works that easy. Plug in the address and let it do the rest for you. Cars are now building this technology right into the dashboard. This technology tool has continued to save my anatomy from getting lost on at least a dozen other occasions.

* Switch your phone to a Personal Digital Assistant, more commonly known to others as product names like Backberry, Treo, iPhone, etc. Over the years I have used just about every type that is on the market. There is no perfect PDA. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. The beauty of this device is that you can carry your office in your pocket. On-the-go road warriors get much more done by having the ability to access their email, flight boarding passes, calendar and client contact information. And the software you can run on these devices allows you to do everything from learn a foreign language, edit Word and Excel documents just about anything you can dream of.

* My iPod has improved my quality of life. Immediate access to information and music that previously took up enough storage to fill several bookcases, and it fits right into your pocket. At the touch of a button I have hundreds of the best business audio books ever written to inform and entertain me. It is also very helpful when on a plane to drown out loud talking people, people who snore and crying babies. Apple is not the only company pumping out mp3 players. Most brands that specialize in consumer electronics offer one. Find one that fits your personality.

* Utilize a camera. Photography improves my quality of life. Photography used to be only for the professional shooters. Today, the right camera basically drives itself. Taking pictures can improve your quality of life, especially if you have kids. Taking pictures of your loved ones to review whenever you want is priceless. It’s a wonderful way to preserve special occasions. You can use them as screen savers or prints to recapture your life experiences. On the business side, we use the photos taken at our training programs as marketing tools to communicate our unique style of training. A picture communicates a thousand words, right?

* Kick it up another notch by using a video camera, too. We use video to critique our training performances and as a marketing tool. Law enforcement agencies use them as car dash mounts as do cab companies to help ensure safety. Corporations have used them for years to protect property, and now it is reaching into private residences to achieve the same result. Whether you use it for business or personal it will be a great investment!

* Make use of a microphone. I recently set up a college fund for my niece and nephew. How did I deliver the message to them? I recorded it using a microphone that attaches directly to my computer. I then copied the recording onto a compact disc and mailed it to them. Most microphones are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased for under $100. I also get the opportunity to interview guests while recording the conversation. These recordings can be broadcast through traditional radio or through the Internet as a podcast. This is a phenomenal way to market your business message!

* In the past, I relied on PCs to conduct and operate my business. We still use them at the office, but I now also use a Macintosh.

Mac seems to have a much better operating system to edit photos, videos and audio files. Most come with software programs preloaded that allow you to have a full-fledged production studio that can fit into a brief case.

Technology, when applied, has the power to improve your quality of life. Examine which piece of technology you want to take advantage of to bring more success into your life.

Best of success to you!

Jeffrey Benjamin is the co-author of “Real Life Habits for Success” and the founder of Breakthrough Training in Reno. He hosts Breakthrough Radio every Saturday at 9:30 a.m. on KBZZ AM 1270. Contact him through


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