The Tesla Effect |

The Tesla Effect

The NNBW asked northern Nevada leaders to define the Tesla effect. Read what they had to say.

“I define the ‘Tesla effect’ as a positive shift toward changing Reno’s national perception for the better. The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Business, and many other national publications have written about Reno’s emerging neighborhoods, such as Midtown, downtown, and the Fourth Street corridor. And this is due in large part to our booming technology industry with billions of dollars being invested from some of Fortune’s highest-ranked companies, which includes Tesla, Switch, Amazon, and Microsoft.” — Hillary Schieve, mayor of Reno

“The Tesla effect is an economic and public relations phenomenon that is and will have the largest impact on Nevada since the founding of Las Vegas. In economic terms, at full build out, the Gigafactory will pump $325 million in payroll to workers living in Washoe and Lyon Counties, and $5 billion in capital investment into Storey County. In public relations terms, the Tesla Gigafactory publicity elevated TRI, Storey County, and the Reno-Sparks metro area into the center of the world stage for tech companies looking for expansion or new venture sites.” — Lance Gilman, principal and director of Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center

“The Tesla effect is essentially the economic outcome of what Tesla’s Gigafactory will trigger throughout our region. Being the closest metropolitan area to TRI, the City of Sparks is excited and preparing for the growth and benefits the Tesla effect will bring. The developments will also bring challenges for local governments in Washoe County that we must address such as education, housing and infrastructure needs.” — Geno Martini, mayor of Sparks

“The Tesla effect is three things in my view. First, it shows the world that Reno-Sparks really is a business community, reinforcing a message we have promoted for the past four and half years. Second, it gives our community the realization that we are back and on the path of incredible opportunity as we reinvent our economy. Finally, it puts Reno-Sparks on the map as an up-and-coming and even a ‘cool’ community, as evidenced by the ‘Next City’ selection last year. Tesla is just one of more than 100 new companies that relocated to our region in the past four years, however, the “Tesla effect” makes that addition a once in a lifetime event, with a game changing impact on the future of our region and the state.” — Mike Kazmierski, president and CEO of Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN)

“The Tesla effect in northern Nevada has been the genesis to energize and create the New Nevada. It is establishing a threshold that brings economic opportunities to the region that will create a technology hub that will benefit Nevada for years to come generating a new era of economic prosperity. We look forward to building partnerships and working with regional partners and companies at the TRIC to develop transportation solutions to meet the needs for our expanding economy.” —Lee Gibson, executive director of Regional Transportation Commission (RTC)

“The University is playing a role in amplifying the “Tesla effect” by providing a broad range of University-trained professionals, from disciplines that include business, engineering and the sciences, who will play an integral role in the future workforce of Tesla, as well as other similar high-tech companies who choose to make northern Nevada their home. Tesla’s presence has helped accelerate the development of an emerging economy for our state, based on high-impact, high-tech initiatives. For the University, this has meant a new academic, research and commercialization emphasis in areas ranging from unmanned autonomous systems, battery technology, new materials, advanced computing and advanced manufacturing. We talk about the “Tesla effect” now, but really, this final piece – the human capital of well-trained professionals who will serve a new economy that has been spurred by the presence in our area of successful companies such as Tesla – is what will profoundly influence our state for the next generation.” – Marc Johnson, president of University of Nevada, Reno

“In addition to impacting awareness of the Reno-Tahoe area through an abundance of regional and national media coverage, Tesla’s move into the region is giving the local dignitaries a renewed vision for the future. Though we have a rich history of industry, Reno has not traditionally been a part of the growing, fast-paced tech sector, which began with Apple, and now Switch and Tesla, expanding and creating more opportunity throughout northern Nevada. This transition has led to somewhat of a cerebral evolution amongst our residents and public officials about growth in the area, and is giving us all a new idea about what Reno-Tahoe can and will be in the next five to 10 years and beyond.” — Jennifer Cunningham, interim managing director of Reno-Sparks Convention Visitors Authority (RSCVA)


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