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Titan Fitness acquires Gold’s Gym locations

NNBW Staff

Seeking to expand it’s portfolio of Gold’s Gym locations, Titan Fitness of McLain, Va., acquired the Gold’s Gyms in Reno and Sparks.

Titan Fitness Chief Development Officer Aaron Lieberman says the company began searching to extend its owernership reach in the middle of 2008 after purchasing eight franchises in Minneapolis and six in Raleigh,

N.C. Titan had purchased the Minnesota franchises from former Reno owner Brad Kloss, who also owned the Minnesota franchise rights.

“The stores (in Reno) are performing well despite what is going in the world, and Brad was interested in another transaction with us, so we were able to get it done,” Lieberman says.

Lieberman says Titan Fitness has offered employment to all existing management and staff, and Kloss will serve as consultant.

“He is kind of our eyes and ears in that market,” Lieberman says. “One of the main ways we can be in such disparate geographical areas is that we have to have good management.”

Titan Fitness plans on expanding Gold’s Gym offerings in the greater Reno area.