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Turbo Global Partners announces Turbo International and Turbo Education Subsidiaries in preparation for China joint venture

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Turbo Global Partners trading as DIBZ International, Inc., has announced it has formed two new subsidiaries — Turbo International and Turbo Education in preparation for its upcoming joint venture with China counterparts for an education and cultural exchange via a “Netflix” monthly subscription business model for China Education Television Network “CETV.” CETV has approximately 600-million cable subscribers.

Turbo International will enter into a joint venture entity with Chinese counterparts for the purpose of distributing content created by Turbo Education and produced in the U.S. by Turbo Communications. “I am very excited about the possibilities to bring to China a powerful education offering the country has yet to see, including new ways to learn English as a second language, drawing cartoons for the 3 to 5-year olds and 6 to 10-year olds in China,” states Eric Teibelbaum, President of Turbo Education in a press release. Mr. Albert Huang, Chairman of Turbo International agrees: “To maximize the opportunities of an educational and cultural exchange, we know that educational programming created by Turbo Education and produced by Turbo Communications will resonate to millions of youth and their families.”

Demos Vardiabasis, Ph.D., TURBO’s first Board member, is lead strategist on the China Joint Venture on behalf of TURBO and the new subsidiaries. “Dr. Demos” as he is popularly known by, is a professor of economics, Chair of the Presidents and Key Executives MBA program and former Associate Dean at Pepperdine’s Graziadio School of Business and Management.

Dr. Demos also led the California Commission on Economic Development under former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and fronted the first California Entertainment and Tourism Advisory Committee. The Media and Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA), a group of leading industry service and technology solution providers, appointed Dr. Demos as Chairman of the MESA China Entertainment Technology Alliance. His leadership fostered connections between MESA members, its various special interest groups and the China Consortium of businesses. With Vardiabasis at its helm, MESA China Entertainment Technology Alliance expanded and deepened relationships between Hollywood, U.S. service providers and the entertainment industry in China. He championed the exchange of the entertainment industry, technology sector, many services and professionals.

“There are tremendous opportunities for U.S. companies to do business in China. The knowledge, experience, and technology of companies just like TURBO are exactly what China needs today. China understands that in order to become a world economic leader along with the U.S., it needs to develop a top-notch entertainment industry,” Vardiabasis said in a press release.

Robert Singerman, CEO of TURBO, states, “By forming Turbo International and Turbo Education, we will reach millions of Chinese families that are eager for their children to learn English as a second language, as well as life lessons and social responsibility. And our ‘Netflix subscription business model’ of our China Joint Venture will translate into significant revenue that in turn will result in shareholder value.”