Twenty Under 40 Q-and-A: Nevada Realtors’ attorney Tiffany Banks |

Twenty Under 40 Q-and-A: Nevada Realtors’ attorney Tiffany Banks

Tiffany Banks
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Who are you? Name: Tiffany Banks Age: 38 Profession/Title: General Counsel for Nevada Realtors Years lived in Reno/Northern Nevada: 26

RENO, Nev. — In November, the Reno-Tahoe Young Professionals Network announced the winners of its annual Twenty Under 40 Awards.

We at the NNBW feel it’s important for people of all ages, background and professions to have a voice about the current state of business in Northern Nevada.

With the region’s economic future in mind, NNBW Reporter Kaleb M. Roedel is conducting a Q-and-A with each of the 2019 winners; interviews will be published throughout the year. Go to to learn more about Reno-Tahoe YPN. Read this week’s Q-and-A below:

Q: What do you see as the biggest economic development opportunities for Northern Nevada in 2020 and beyond?

Tiffany Banks: I think that we’re going to see a substantial number of homes being built as more people are moving to the area. So, I’d say housing and infrastructure. I don’t know how many surveys are done, but we seem to come in the top-10, top-20 best places to move to. So, people that haven’t heard of Reno I think are actually really starting to learn or take interest in Reno more than just, ‘Oh, you live in Nevada, oh so you live in Vegas.’

Q: Why is it important for younger professionals to have a seat at the table when it comes to the business community in Northern Nevada?

Tiffany Banks: I think that our generation really truly cares about seeing the community that they live in thrive. And so any opportunity to have that voice and put in the work to make the community you live in better is what drives me or what I think would drive young professionals to have a seat at the table. And we’re not thinking as much ‘what can I get from my city?’ but ‘what can I give to make it a better place to live, raise our kids, have our parents grow old here?’ 

Q: What fast-growing industry or industries have the biggest opportunity for growth in Northern Nevada?

Tiffany Banks: I think the construction industry is a really good one. I’d say construction and startups. I think there are more opportunities for entrepreneurs to have support and funding and mechanism for growth through people in our communities than ever before.

And then I also see it being a good time for contractors and construction. That’s what my husband does and I see how busy he is.

Q: Where do you see the greater Reno-Sparks region in five years?

Tiffany Banks: I think sometimes we seem to catch on to things a little bit later, at least a little bit later than some bigger cities. But, I think in five years we’ll be a place that other cities look to for what’s driving our growth and success to try to mirror that.

Q: If you could change one thing for the better about your community, what would it be?

Tiffany Banks: I guess something that I’m passionate about or love is when people are working on projects or purpose projects and people show up. So, I guess I hope that whatever we as young professionals are working on that people show support and show up because we are all part of the fabric of the community and I think the more people that get involved it’ll just make our community thrive.