University begins rental of electric bicycles |

University begins rental of electric bicycles

NNBW staff

Ten new electric bicycles are available for rent at the University of Nevada, Reno, campus this semester as part of a test of performance characteristics of their electric motors.

Mehdi Etezadi, chair of the electrical and biomedical engineering department at UNR, arranged to bring the bicycles to campus through a grant from NV Energy.

The cruiser-type bicycles are equipped with a compact electric motor powered by a small, removable battery pack on a rack above the rear tire. Top speed on flat ground is 25 mph.

“If you live within five to10 miles you can just hop on the bike and cruise to classes,” Etezadi said. “If you live further away you can plug the battery pack into the wall to recharge for the ride home. It might cost 15 cents for the electricity.”

He’s also working with students to test the performance and efficiency of the motors.

The electric bicycles can be rented through the Parking and Transportation Services Department at 16th Street and North Virginia Street next to the West Stadium Parking Complex.

Melody Bayfield director of parking and transportation, at UNR said the bikes can be rented for $30 a month.