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Unlicensed contractors cited by board

NNBW staff

The Nevada State Contractors Board has revoked the license of a Carson City contractor and disciplined two other contractors from northern Nevada.

The license of Kenison Construction, a carpentry contractor based in Carson City, was revoked after the board found the company abandoned a project, completed substandard workmanship, failed to get the necessary building permits and committed a variety of other violations.

The company also was fined $10,550 and told to repay investigative costs.

Michael Ralph Booher, who does business as Acoustical & Drywall Services in Sparks, was fined $4,250 and ordered to pay investigative costs. The board said Booher took a job larger than the limit on his license, failed to complete a job for the price set in a contract and committed several other violations.

Imtiaz Ahmed, who does business in Reno as N S Construction Co., was fined $1,250 and investigative costs. The contractors board said he committed several violations of financial requirements and committed a deceitful act.