Veterans department renews transportation grant in rural areas |

Veterans department renews transportation grant in rural areas

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The Nevada Department of Veterans Services (NDVS) reported the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is extending its approval of a Transportation Grant designed to be used in rural areas that otherwise may not be available to those in need.

This marks the fourth year in a row NDVS has applied for and received this grant approval.

The $100,000 grant will ensure veterans in Nye and Elko counties have free transportation to VA medical clinics or hospitals. The grant allows NDVS to support transportation services through private suppliers to get veterans from rural areas to the services they need in other locations.

The closest VA hospital for Elko County residents is in Salt Lake City. The trip is more than 200 miles, taking around three-and-a half-hours to travel just one way. For Nye County veterans the trip is even farther with the closest VA facility in North Las Vegas which is approximately 240 miles away, one way.

NDVS Director Kat Miller said, “Our agency continues working closely with federal and county partners to help ensure that no matter where a veteran lives, they have access to the services they’ve earned.” Miller added, “This opportunity provided by the VA is a benefit to rural veterans as well as an economic opportunity for transportation providers in rural areas.”

Governor Brian Sandoval notes the importance of this grant in fulfilling a significant need for Nevada’s rural veterans. He said, “This grant continues the important work of ensuring that Nevada becomes the most military and veteran-friendly state in the nation.”

Funding for the grant will be made available to NDVS during the coming months and the department will then begin the process of extending agreements with county officials in Elko and Nye Counties.


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