Working Together: Engage with the system with JOIN Inc. (Voices) |

Working Together: Engage with the system with JOIN Inc. (Voices)

Amy Fleming

Working Together

Amy Fleming
Courtesy EDAWN
EDITOR’S NOTE: Denise Castle, Chief Executive Officer of JOIN Inc., co-authored this month’s Working Together column.

Over the past few months, we’ve touched on the importance of workforce development, burnout, upskilling and resiliency, but how do employers really engage with the system when they can’t find the skills they need by simply posting an open position and hoping the talent will come?

Local workforce development training provider systems play a crucial role in aligning workforce skills to meet the needs of employers. In our region, the system of educators, training providers, government and other nonprofit support agencies work together to get individuals back to work — or skilled up into higher-paying, higher-skill jobs.

These programs provide one-on-one case management for job seekers, overcoming each individual’s specific barriers to maximizing their full employment potential.

To best meet the objective of strengthening our local workforce, providers must stay in tune and up to date with what skills or credentials employers are looking for immediately or will be looking for in the future.

To do that, it’s crucial the private sector leverage what these local partners have to offer. The deeper the engagement, the more benefit the program can provide.

To help our local employers navigate the system, we’re using this space over the next few months to feature a few of these partners, highlighting the unique value they add to elevating the workforce and strengthening our economy.

This month’s featured partner, JOIN Inc. Training Nevadans for Careers, has been essential in connecting job-seekers to skills and employers in Northern Nevada for several decades.

They have played diverse roles, working with almost every segment of the workforce, and have built deep relationships across the system and community.

An extensive list of partners is organized in EDAWN’s Workforce Resource Guide, and state resources for employers can be found in the employer section of

Now, it’s up to you to engage.

From our partners at JOIN Inc.

As Nevadans move forward into an economic recovery period, our new sense of normal has us shifting into a “tomorrow” mindset while we plan for the future.

It is inevitable for local employers to also feel this shift in thinking and wonder how their businesses can successfully navigate the recovery to emerge stronger. 

One solution for Nevada employers looking to fill their open positions and create a unique talent pipeline of work-ready individuals is JOIN Inc. Training Nevadans for Careers, a 501(c)(3) community benefit organization focused on workforce development solutions. JOIN works with employers in all in-demand industries to understand their workforce needs and create solutions based on those needs.

Employers can partner with JOIN and launch an On-The-Job Training Program at their workplace. This allows direct training to individuals in specific fields not affiliated with an occupational training program currently available. This program meets the needs of the employers and provides valuable work experience to individuals interested in a particular field of employment.

For businesses, this program releases the financial burden of hiring and training a new employee by reimbursing 50% of that employee’s salary while they are being trained. Businesses such as Capital Glass in Carson City can testify that easing training costs is a top priority. 

“Many trades do not have formal schools or academies where individuals can go for training; so on-the-job training is essential to building and maintaining a quality workforce,” Craig Smith, General Manager of Capital Glass said. “Our partnership with JOIN is extremely valuable in regards to recruiting new employees and alleviating our training costs.”

JOIN aims to close the skills gap and engage in workforce development solutions to help you hire qualified and work-ready individuals during the recovery period. In addition to the On-The-Job Training or Work Experience Programs, JOIN can help you promote your open positions.

Find us in Reno inside the American Job Center of Nevada or at one of our six regional offices Northern Nevada. Visit or call 775-461-3930 to learn more.

“Working Together” is a recurring Voices column in the NNBW authored by the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada, where Amy Fleming is manager of workforce development. Reach her for comment at