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Zephyr Photonics signs landmark deal

NNBW staff

A Zephyr Cove company that’s making the transition from grant-funded research and development to commercial contracts said last week it nailed down its first major partnership.

And the contract may lead to more jobs at Zephyr Photonics, the company formerly known as OptiComp.

“We think it will substantially affect our growth prospects positively, and therefore lead to increased hiring to support the growth,” said Tom Steding, the company’s chief executive officer.

The contract with Teledyne Microelectronic Technologies of Los Angeles creates a partnership to develop optical interconnect technology for high-bandwidth and harsh-environment applications in the defense, aerospace, commercial aviation and oil and gas industries.

Zephyr Photonics is transitioning into commercial business after more than 25 years of handling research contracts, mostly for the Defense Department. Torch Hill Investment Partners of Washington, D.C., acquired the company last year. At the time of the acquisition, company employed 32 people at its 17,000-square-foot laboratory, clean-room and fabrication facility at Zephyr Cove.


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