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'We have an advantage': Demand grows for alternative building materials

In the COVID era of rising material costs and massive project delays, companies that use non-traditional building materials may have a leg up on the competition.

Family-owned Slieve Brewing Company planned for Reno

The Mountain family, recent Vegas-to-Reno transplants, have established Slieve Brewing Company — Slieve means “A Mountain” in Irish Gaelic, a nod to their family roots.

Reno staffing agencies: Market faces ‘tremendous wage pressure’

In Reno-Sparks, even before the pandemic, finding enough qualified people to place into open jobs was an issue, said Celeste Johnson, CEO of The Applied Companies.

After merger with Mammoth Brewing, Lead Dog primed for growth

"It was no-brainer for both of us" — this spring, Reno-based Lead Dog Brewing Company was acquired by Mammoth Brewing Company; the two brands will remain “unique and distinct” moving forward.

Looking to buy or sell a Nevada business in a pandemic?

Reno-area financial experts share what to do – and not do

"The older half of the Baby Boomer generation is selling, and the younger half of the Baby Boomer generation is buying. It’s very interesting.”

SBA 504 loan activity surging in Northern Nevada

“The processing times on submitted a 504 loan used to be in the neighborhood of three to five days. Now, it’s 20 working days because their volume is so backlogged."

Financial feast or famine: 5 banking executives discuss state of the industry

As the pandemic lingers, financial institutions are navigating plenty of challenges throughout the rest of 2021 — from low interest rates impacting profitability to the surge of deposits putting balance sheets off-kilter, Northern Nevada banks are not simply swimming in money like Scrooge McDuck.

Farmers market popularity grows amid COVID era of supply chain issues

Demand for fresh local food is one of the reasons farmers markets have grown in both popularity and size in recent years — thanks in part to the the pandemic, demand has skyrocketed this summer.

Pandemic shines light on estate, retirement planning in Northern Nevada

If 2020 and now 2021 have taught us anything, it’s that mortality is inevitable. And that has put a spotlight on the need for Northern Nevada adults, young and old, to get estate plans in order.

Reno fintech startups see demand erupt as pandemic speeds up digital transactions

No matter one's age, the pandemic accelerated the move to digital forms of all kinds of transactions — and that's been best for business for the flourishing fintech industry here in Reno and beyond.

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