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Damage already done? Amid major revenue decreases, some small businesses left hoping to break even

The Glass Die, one of many struggling small businesses in Reno, saw an 81% drop in gross sales in April 2020 ($6,696) compared to April 2019 ($34,972). Looking ahead at a best-case scenario, owner Jeff Carter says if he reopens in July (at 50% capacity) and sales are cut in half ($27,000 in 2019 turns into $13,500) — and 100% of his sales are in the 300%-margin category — his business would still post a negative-$2,640 profit margin.

First Independent Bank to donate $415,000 in local COVID-19 support

"First Independent Bank is pleased to help our neighbors and friends through the work of several outstanding initiatives and nonprofits that are addressing immediate needs and longer-term support for community resilience,” said Jim DeVolld, Managing Director of First Independent Bank in Reno.

Nevada minimum wage increase begins in 2020

A new law revises provisions relating to health care and the qualified health benefits, effective Jan. 1, 2020, and establishes the minimum level of health benefits that an employer is required to make available to an employee and his or her dependents for the purpose of determining whether the employer is authorized to pay the lower minimum wage rate.

NNBW Editor Column: What a quick, strange trip it’s been

Three months ago, we made the transition back to a weekly publication. Obviously, a lot has happened since (thanks, COVID-19), but like any business, three months is is a great benchmark to measure successes, identify challenges and opportunities, reevaluate operations, and, if necessary, institute changes for the better.