Golf course officials invite public to review pass proposal

In response to an outcry by golfers over the proposed demise of the popular season pass at Eagle Valley Golf Course, golf officials are planning a workshop Thursday to brainstorm a way to save the pass.

Golfers, most of them seniors, turned out en masse at a recent Carson City Board of Supervisors meeting in opposition to new rate structuring that didn't include the senior pass.

Supervisors approved the rate changes but told Carson City Municipal Golf Corp. officials to find a way to salvage the pass in some form.

"I've said this is the hardest thing we've ever had to look at," said Mark Sattler, golf corporation president. "Hopefully we can make something work out of the workshop."

Sattler said unlimited pass play on both the East and West courses has resulted in a loss of revenue the course can no longer afford.

Golfers pay between $490 and $1,540 for a season pass that allows them to play whenever they want. Sometimes the passes are so well used, pass holders pay only $2 a round.

A total of 248 golfers play on a mix of 165 single and family passes. Sattler also said giving a free golf cart with the West Course pass is an extra monetary loss.

Jack McQuirk, president of the Eagle Valley Men's Club, said the loss of golf rounds at the course is not the fault of the pass holders.

"We don't mind a moderate rate increase, but we don't want it said we're at fault for losing rounds," McQuirk said. "That's the fault of marketing and maintenance. Why discriminate against the golfers?"

McQuirk said part of the popularity of the pass is because golfers can play full or partial rounds of golf with no penalty. McQuirk said he and other club members wouldn't mind paying for a cart on the West Course. He also recommended that golf officials institute a penalty for missed tee times, as well as a limit of rounds on the season pass.

He added that problems at the golf course are perpetuated by the city's refusal to sink any extra funds into its maintenance.

Sattler said because the West Course will now be closed for three months through the winter, he sees the potential for keeping the West Course unlimited pass, with golfers paying for a cart. Allowing an unlimited pass for the East Course or both courses with restrictions is also an option. Sattler said golfers will work out the problem Thursday.

"The bottom line is still revenue. We need to generate the revenue to keep that course," Sattler said. "The pass holders have always been flexible and cooperative. We need to have a better idea of what are we getting per round. With the open-ended pass you can't do that."

If you go:

What: Eagle Valley Golf Course season pass public workshop

When: Thursday, 6 p.m.

Where: Eagle Valley Golf Course clubhouse, 3999 Centenial Way.


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