Letter: Candidates should back Question 2

Legislators who state they are in favor of our statute but not in favor of the Protection of Marriage Amendment indicate they may approve changes to our marriage statute.

Introducing bills to amend or update existing laws or statutes is the primary business of our state Legislature. The Protection of Marriage Amendment to our state constitution, which requires two election votes of the people, cannot be so easily changed and gives security to the present definition of marriage, between one man and one woman.

We know from the League of Women Voters forum, held a few weeks ago, which candidates are publicly supporting the Protection of Marriage Amendment.

Lynn Hettrick, Assembly District 39, and Jeanne Simons, Assembly District 40, stated their full support. The incumbent legislator, Bonnie Parnell of Assembly District 40, declined to answer the question. Since then, she has only stated she is in favor of the present statute.

It is important to both pass the Protection of Marriage Amendment and elect candidates who are in full support of the amendment.

Vote yes on Question 2, and vote for Jeanne Simons and Lynn Hettrick.


Carson City


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