Letter: More than 25 percent of Carson City voters signed Grand Jury petition

Quit your whining, Mr. Neathammer, and get used to the idea that more than 25 percent of Carson City voters decided to sign the grand jury petition to investigate possible criminal conduct within the offices of the sheriff, district attorney, and Justice Court.

This petition is not just Ron Weddell's petition. It is the petition of the more than 5,000 registered voters - more than enough to call a grand jury. A grand jury will provide us a chance to correct the obstruction of justice of public officials where it exists.

Our city will be a safer place to live by having these problems addressed and will go a long way toward ridding our city of felonious criminal activity. The jury can also review other complaints submitted by residents. There would be great value in reviewing our fiscal operations. Carson City would be well served if our officials would get off their duffs and impanel a grand jury as petitioned by its citizens.

If it weren't such a serious matter, it would be amusing watching the circus act officials are performing while trying to usurp Weddell's petition.

Talk all the psychobabble you want about "cognitive disassociation." There is no good explanation why violent criminals are given free reign to commit crimes without fear of prosecution. There is no excuse for it.

Nevada Revised Statutes allows its citizens to file a criminal complaint directly with the court. It does not, however, allow a judge or court clerk to refuse to accept the complaint. Nor does it allow the district attorney to remove the complaint from the court.

Finally, after almost two years, the District Court ruled that the justice court clerk must accept the criminal complaint. It became necessary for Mr. Weddell to file the complaint himself because our law enforcement officials failed to file charges against the criminals responsible for committing felonies against his daughter and employee. Mr. Weddell, his family, and employee were denied assistance and protection under the law and legally did what he could to protect his family.

There is nothing misleading about the wording of the petition or the way it was presented. I believe the persons who signed the petition are intelligent and responsible enough to know what they were signing. If persons who signed the petition have questions, please call the city clerk at 887-2260.

Though I do not know Mr. Weddell personally, I am grateful that he is man enough to stand up to those officials who have a stranglehold on our city and justice system. Fortunately for us, he has the fortitude and wherewithal to bring the spotlight to Carson City's selective good ol' boy system, which is reserved for the very few.

I will be asking the grand jury to investigate 16-year-old Natasha Jennings' murder. Perhaps they can find reason why the Sheriff's Office and district attorney botched this investigation and appear to be covering up wrongdoing within their departments.


Carson City


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