Black Rock plan just another liberal effort

All can see, unless they are too old to see, that our two senators were weaved in the same liberal socialist treadmill from birth, a difference might be religious. Their typical agenda is a case in point, to wit: the Black Rock Desert treadmill.

Groveling at the government's handout trough, it's half of Nevada's population nowadays, our erstwhile senators in Congress have shown their contempt for Nevada's working population, while their solidity for environmental scam merchants, saving the spotted squirrel, etc., to say nothing of the spotted owl, they have another "cause," other than a pay increase for themselves and Congress.

And that is "saving" the Black Rock Desert. Of course, we know who they are saving it for (paranoid tree huggers) but we do not know who they are saving it from.

Perhaps hunters will be targeted by these two characters in Congress, Bucktooth Bryan and Searchlight Harry; perhaps it's your grandmother, who really knows? But whatever their current agenda, you can be sure it doesn't have anything to do with protecting Nevadans. Has anyone seen any trees in the Black Rock Desert lately? It would make a great desert. Alas, I want to save the "spotted rock." Trust me.


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