Carson prays for community and unity

About 100 people attended the 49th annual National Day of Prayer on Thursday celebrated at the Capitol.

Dubbed "Pray 2K - America's Hope for the New Millennium," the opening prayer for the Carson City community was led by the Rev. John Van Cleef of The Salvation Army Church.

"Let us pray for the leaders of our city, our city and community, and the Lord's church," said Van Cleef. "Let us pray that we would be one as Jesus Christ and God are one. Let us break down the walls and communicate openly and together."

Secretary of State Dean Heller read the governor's proclamation for this year's National Day of Prayer, recognizing it as one of America's oldest national observances.

Praying for church unity and God's people was the Rev. Leo Kruger of Valley Christian Fellowship in Gardnerville.

"When people come together, there is nothing greater than the power of that unity and the power of God," said Kruger. "People need God to move in their hearts. We are a desperate people and need God to help us."

Tim Baley, a local musician and artist diagnosed as a child with a mental handicap and light cerebral palsy, entertained the crowd with unique renditions of several patriotic tunes.

Tom Baker, aide to Sen. Richard Bryan, read a letter on behalf of Bryan, quoting, "Every day should be a National Day of Prayer."

Representing Sen. Harry Reid, Yolanda Garcia mentioned that on a personal note she would be praying to keep nuclear waste out of the state of Nevada.

Minister of Good Shepherd Wesleyan Church in Carson City, the Rev. Marvin H. Dennis prayed that the state's leaders would be guided by God's wisdom and for God to help them be successful and victorious. He also thanked God for the great state of Nevada and asked God to bless it.

Sen. Lawrence Jacobsen gave the benediction and prayed to God to bless and keep each and every person with the special wish for God to, "Keep us all strong, keep us free, and above all, keep us close to thee."

"I just retired," said Marilyn Copeland of Carson City. "I'm here because I can now do these kind of things I could not do before in my community.

"I'm praying for world peace and that we don't get nuclear waste in Nevada."

Copeland attended the prayer with her daughter Tammy Smith and her two grandsons, Michael, 6, and Jeremy, 3, also of Carson City.


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