Comstock Historic District supports gas lights in Dayton

DAYTON - A proposal to install gas street lamps has received preliminary encouragement from those responsible for monitoring the area's historic integrity.

The Comstock Historic District Commission was supportive in concept of a request by members of Dayton's Sesquicentennial Gold Discovery to place the replica lights throughout the community's historic district.

Sesquicentennial Celebration Committee Chairman and Dayton Historic Society member Laura Tennant told Commission members, "We want to spend the money raised from the recent gold discovery celebration on projects we feel will be an enhancement to our community. The majority of our committee feel gas lights would be a good addition."

She said they needed to know board opinion about the concept before moving forward since there is no evidence there were any such lights in Dayton in the past.

Commission members appeared supportive, however noted that the project may raise some controversy since gas lights may never have existed on the historic Pike Street.

Historic District Clerk of the Board Bert Bedeau said, "If you are going to introduce what was not there, you can make it compatible with the historic character, but don't imply it is original."

Plans are to first install the lights along Pike Street, and then as funding allows, to place them up to the museum and the cemetery.

Committee member Don Dallas met with Southwest Gas officials. He said company officials said they have lights available at a cost of about $700 per unit. According to Dallas, this would allow for 10 to 12 street lights to be installed immediately using Dayton committee's funds.

Other funding sources were discussed, including asking local businesses, industries or individuals to sponsor lights. Plaques would be placed on light standards recognizing the contributors.

Another option proposed was to apply for Nevada Department of Transportation grant money which has been set aside for enhancement projects.

The committee will return to the board after a more detailed plan has been established.


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