Investigation should be thorough as well

Having witnessed the immediate aftermath of the tragic motorcycle accidenton Mother's Day that took two lives, I want to commend the EMTs and local police in controlling a very serious situation.

At the time, the wind was very high, cars were all over the road, people were sightseeing and taking pictures in hopes of selling them to the papers (ugh, how disgusting), bodies were scattered, and there were two Careflight helicopters, three or four ambulances, and a great many unnecessary "assistants" at the scene.

The police were unfailingly polite and centered on their tasks. However,I wish to state that it was the impression of those at the scene that the motorcyclist who was the main cause of the accident was not a part of the group riding together, but was riding behind and alone.

Any motorcyclist who rides with a group maintains his or her place in the formation. It is highly unlikely that the bike in the back of the formation would break ranks in such a manner. I am concerned that there might be a rush to judgment in charging one of the riders with the group. All motorcycles can look alike to those who don't ride, and I hope the investigation of this incident is handled with the same professionalism as that displayed during the incident itself.


Carson City


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