Subconservancy to discuss Lake Tahoe's water level

A recent proposal by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency to study Lake Tahoe's water levels has raised concerns with those depending on the lake's resources.

Janet Carson from Sierra Pacific Power Co. will give a presentation to the Carson Water Subconservancy District Board tonight on the effects and concerns regarding lowering of the water level of the lake.

The concern of some is that the high water level is causing erosion along the banks and deteriorating the water clarity of Lake Tahoe. Others say erosion would occur whether the water elevation is at its peak of 6,229 feet or low of 6,223 feet and fear a lowering would limit the water supply to northern Nevada.

With the Truckee and Carson rivers tied together by the Newlands Project, any reduction would have a direct impact on the demands on the Carson River, according to conservancy district director Edwin James.

James will ask the district board to send a letter stating the district supports not lowering the water level at Lake Tahoe.

Also to be considered is a letter from the Gardnerville Town Water Co. stating it wishes to sell all of its surface water rights.

The Gardnerville board agreed at its Oct. 12 meeting to explore the sale of its entire 1,402.27 acre feet in water rights in an "all or nothing" transaction. Any transfer would require an agreement that all water rights remain in the Carson Valley.

The Carson Water Subsconservancy District will meet in the Nevada Legislative Building, Room 3138, at 6:30 p.m. Call 887-7450.

What: Carson Water Subconservancy District

When: 6:30 p.m. today

Where: Nevada Legislative Building, Room 3138


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