Two University board members say some salaries should be frozen

ELKO - Regent Howard Rosenberg says he will move to freeze campus presidents' salaries for another year, and fellow board member Steve Sisolak says that policy should be carried "way on down the line" to vice presidents and other campus administrators.

Rosenberg based his statement on Gov. Kenny Guinn's demand that the university system "hold the line" on its coming budget.

"It has nothing to do with performance," he said. "It has everything to do with policy."

"I would go one step further and freeze salaries way on down the line," said Sisolak. He also questioned whether it was fair to give one president a bigger raise than another.

Outgoing chancellor Tom Anderes and other regents pointed out presidential salaries have already been frozen for a year. And Anderes said what campus presidents are paid depends on the market.

"These salaries appear high, but they aren't high in the marketplace we are in," he said citing the competition among campuses for talented administrators.

The biggest percentage raises on the list were for Truckee Meadows Community College President John Richardson ,who will go to $153,532, and Great Basin's Ron Remington, who will receive $141,194. Both those increases represent 5 percent hikes in pay.

Joe Crowley at UNR will stay at the same rate of pay - $202,269.

Carol Lucey at Western Nevada will get a 2.5 percent pay raise to $133,250. Carol Harter at UNLV will get 3 percent more for a total salary of $192,532 and Steve Wells of DRI a 2.5 percent raise to $176,300.

Robert Silverman, who recently got the job as president at Community College of Southern Nevada, and Richard Moore, who will head the new Henderson State College, remain at $140,000 and $176,000 because they have been on the job less than six months.

The board decided to hire Crowley after his December retirement as lobbyist for the system when the 2001 Legislature starts.

His salary will step down half way from his presidential salary to the $115,000 he will eventually get when he returns to teaching - a rate of $158,000 a year.

He will be joined by former Senate fiscal analyst Dan Miles, who will become the interim vice chancellor for finance and administration. Crowley will continue to be paid his presidential salary while lobbying for the university. Miles will get $130,000 a year.

Other interim appointments approved include Sherwin Iverson as vice chancellor for academic and student ffairs at $107,852.

Anthony Flores will become vice president at UNLV at $143,267 and Stanley Aman vice president at WNCC for $109,686. Alan Austin will become vice president for finance and administration at DRI and Rebecca Mills interim vice president at UNLV for $127,500.


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