Legislators named to committees

Interim Study Committees:

-- Death Penalty and Related DNA Testing

Assemblywoman Sheila Leslie, D-Reno, chairwoman, Assembly members John Oceguera, D-North Las Vegas, Bernie Anderson, D-Sparks, Dennis Nolan, R-Las Vegas, Senators Joe Neal, D-North Las Vegas, Mike McGinness, R-Fallon, Mark James, R-Las Vegas, Maurice Washington, R-Sparks.

-- Tahoe Oversight Committee

Sen. Lawrence Jacobsen, R-Minden, chairman, Senators Maggie Carlton, D-Las Vegas, Mark Amodei, R-Carson City, Assembly members Vivian Freeman, D-Reno, Greg Brower, R-Reno, John Lee, D-Las Vegas.

-- Competition between Local Government and Private Enterprise

Sen. Mike Schneider, D-Las Vegas, chairman, Senators Randolph Townsend, R-Reno, Ann O'Connell, R-Las Vegas, Assembly members Wendell Williams, D-Las Vegas, David Parks, D-Las Vegas, Dawn Gibbons, R-


-- Suicide Prevention

Sen. Ann O'Connell, R-Las Vegas, chairwoman, Senators Randolph Townsend, R-Reno, Mark Amodei, R-Carson City, Valerie Wiener, D-Las Vegas, Assembly members Sheila Leslie, D-Reno, David Parks, D-las Vegas, Debbie Smith, D-Sparks, David Humke R-Reno.

-- Services for People with Disabilities

Sen. Dina Titus, D-Las Vegas, chairwoman, Senators Ray Rawson R-Las Vegas, Randolph Townsend, R-Reno, Assembly members Jerry Claborn, D-Las Vegas, Vonne Chowning, D-Las Vegas, Sharon Angle, R-Reno.

Ongoing statutory committees:

-- Legislative Committee on Health Care

Sen. Ray Rawson, R-Las Vegas, chairman, Senators Maurice Washington, R-Sparks, Bernice Mathews, D-Sparks, Assembly members Merle Berman, R-Las Vegas, Bonnie Parnell, D-Carson City, Ellen Koivisto, D-Las Vegas.

-- Committee to Consult with the Director

Speaker Richard Perkins, D-Henderson, chairman, Senators Ann O'Connell, R-Las Vegas, Bill Raggio, R-Reno, Dina Titus, D-Las Vegas, Bob Coffin, D-Las Vegas, Mark James R-Las Vegas, Mark Amodei, R-Carson City, Assembly members Barbara Buckley, D-Las Vegas, David Parks, D-Las Vegas, Barbara Cegavske, R-Las Vegas, Doug Bache, D-Las Vegas, Lynn Hettrick, R-Gardnerville.

-- Marlette Water System Advisory Committee

Sen. Mark Amodei, R-Carson City, Assemblyman Joe Dini, D-Yerington, Assemblywoman Bonnie Parnell, D-Carson City, and Bob Erickson, Legislative Counsel Bureau research director.

-- Public Lands Committee (chairman to be selected by the committee)

Senators Dean Rhoads, R-Tuscarora, Terry Care, D-Las Vegas, Mark James, R-Las Vegas, and Assembly members John Marvel, R-Battle Mountain, Roy Neighbors, D-Tonopah, Tom Collins, D-Las Vegas and Peter Goicoechea of Eureka County as the local government representative.

-- Committee for Local Government Taxes and Finances

Members to be selected by Senate and Assembly leadership except for the GID representative selected by the commission: Ross Swickard of Tahoe-Douglas GID.

-- Committee to Review Regulations

Assemblyman David Humke, R-Reno, chairman, Assemblyman David Brown, R-Boulder City, Senators Mark James, R-Las Vegas, Mark Amodei, R-Carson City, Mike Schneider, D-Las Vegas.

-- National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws

Senators Mark James, R-las Vegas, Terry Care, D-Las Vegas, and Assembly members Genie Ohrenschall, D-Las Vegas, Greg Brower, R-Reno.

-- Information Technology Subcommittee

Assemblyman Bob Price, D-North Las Vegas, chairman, Assembly members Harry Mortenson, D-Las Vegas, Sharon Angle, R-Reno, Debbie Smith, D-Reno, Bob Beers, R-Las Vegas, Lynn Hettrick R-Gardnerville, Senators Mike Schneider, D-Las Vegas, Dean Rhoads, R-Tuscarora.

-- Security Subcommittee

Senators Lawrence jacobsen, R-Minden, chairman, Joe Neal, D-North Las Vegas, Asembly members Richard Perkins, D-Henderson, Don Gustavson, R-Reno.


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