Board to discuss drug programs in schools

Beginning in kindergarten, Carson City schoolchildren learn about the perils of illegal drug use.

"We start off at the primary levels basically defining drugs -- what are good drugs and what are bad drugs," said associate superintendent Mike Watty. "As they move through the grade levels, it is more specific as to what effects certain drugs have on the human body."

Watty will give a full presentation to school board members tonight, informing them of the various drug prevention programs taught throughout the school district.

The request for the information came after 11 teenagers were arrested last month on drug charges both on and off school campuses for unrelated offenses.

Watty said the school district spends about $26,000 per year on drug-related programs funded through federal Title IV grants.

"It's a progressive program that works from entry level to a fairly sophisticated overview," he said.

However, he said the program does not focus only on drug use but on overall health issues.

"The program is aimed at helping the kids make good choices," Watty said. "It's an all-inclusive health program."

Carson High School vice principal Fred Perdomo said all controlled substance violations from alcohol consumption to possession of illegal drugs are treated the same.

For the first offense, students are subject to a 10- to 90-day suspension, a lighter punishment for those who cooperate. They are also placed on disciplinary probation and are subject to a 90-day suspension for a subsequent offense.

A 10-day suspension may be reduced to four days if the student attends the drug education program, "Insight," through the Ron Woods Family Resource Center.

If you go:

What: Carson City School Board meeting

When: 7 tonight

Where: Sierra Room of Carson City Community Center


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