New party blames immigrants for problems

Nevada has a new political party based on the principal that many of the country's problems would be solved if some people would simply leave.

The Emigration Party headed by Donald E. Pauly of Henderson filed its "certificate of existence" with the Secretary of State's Office on Friday.

The party platform begins with the question: "Are you sick and tired of illegal aliens taking our jobs and ruining our wages? Join us and help do something about it."

"Emigration will solve each and every problem I know of in the United states right now," Pauly said in a telephone interview Saturday. "If we sent all the illegal aliens back to Mexico, we would have about 20 million people less. The problem, as we see it, is uncontrolled immigration and the way to solve that is carefully controlled emigration."

Pauly said his comments are his personal opinion but he blames illegal immigrants for much of the nation's crime and drug problems as well as the load on the welfare system.

He said one of the biggest problems is lawyers.

"Lawyers are what brought this country into the ruin it's in right now," he said.

Lawyers are specifically prohibited from joining the Emigration Party.

"All members must be of high moral character and lawyers are therefore prohibited as members," say the bylaws filed Friday.

Pauly said the Emigration Party doesn't want to close the doors to America for legal immigrants who can contribute to the economy.

"We're saying some people need to leave, starting with the ones who are here illegally," said Pauly, an electronics engineer.

The way to do that, he said, is to make it illegal under Nevada law to hire an illegal alien and impose a two-year prison sentence on anyone who does.

He said the party will also ask the Legislature to offer a $1,000 bounty to anyone who turns in an employer hiring illegal aliens.

"The Republican and Democratic parties are behemoths, non-functional dinosaurs that can't move," he said. "They are deliberately paralyzed to serve the interests of the people pulling the strings. We are going to be a single-issue party endorsing candidates as we see fit."

Pauly said his previous political experience was as a volunteer for Ross Perot. He said the experience taught him people are willing to volunteer and get active but feel they have no outlet to do so.

"People are sick and tired of Republicans and Democrats but they have no alternative," he said.

The documents filed Friday list Pauly as executive director and five other officers. He said at this point there are "probably a dozen" members and another dozen more involved in some way with the project.


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