No cuts for school budget

Despite talk amongst Carson City School Board members earlier this month to consider budget cuts to ease a tight budget, they conceded to keep all programs in tact.

No programs will be cut from the 2002-2003 tentative school budget, officials decided Tuesday.

At the April 9 meeting, trustee John McKenna questioned the fund reserve set at $1 million -- the minimum suggested to maintain the triple A bond rating and enough to fund 15 days of school operation.

"I'm not in the mood to cut programs," he said. "I just don't know if I'm comfortable spending everything we make.

"Do we tough it out and pray the Legislature gives us some money? My experience is they won't."

However, the tentative budget was submitted maintaining the status quo of generating $78.2 million and spending the same.

Carson High School English teacher Jeffery Greb urged the board to look for ways to increase teacher pay.

"This district does not offer a salary that's competitive to surrounding areas," he said. "Until this board begins making teachers their first priority, I'm afraid it's the children of the community who may pay the ultimate price."

Gaylea Manning, president of the teachers association, called the district's salary base "deplorable."

"I would appeal to you that the goals you set as a board are dependent upon having good employees," she said. "We cannot attract and retain those employees without compensating them in a competent manner."

Teachers are currently negotiating with district officials for salary. Last year, starting pay was set at $26,847 annually. For the same year, Los Angeles teachers made $37,006.

Carson City School District's budget:

Total operating budget: $78.2 million

Total salaries: 62 percent

Benefits: 21 percent

Services and supplies: 17 percent


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