Son follows in dad's footsteps

When Dr. H. Kim Bean's son Jeffrey came home after advanced education, it was cause for celebration.

"It's a dream come true," said the podiatrist who has practiced in Carson City since 1974. "I've been waiting a long time."

His returning son, Jeffrey K. Bean, DPM, didn't actually move back home with mom and dad.

Rather, the younger Dr. Bean joined his father's practice at Sierra Podiatry. He has a home of his own with his wife, Amalinda, and there three sons, Spencer, 5, Miles, 3, and Samuel, 5 months.

"They conned me into (returning to Carson) because they wanted to see their grandsons," Dr. Jeffrey joked.

More seriously, the younger Dr. Bean, said joining his father's practice has been the plan all along.

"I've been looking forward to this for a long time and now I'm here," said the new doctor.

"Dad, first of all, has set up a great practice, it's one of the better ones I've seen anywhere. And (by joining his practice) there's no setting up to do.

"I've worked with him in the past as an assistant and helped off and on. I enjoy how he interacts with patients.

"As soon as I started medical school, it was part of my plan (to return)."

He's off to a fine start in his chosen career.

Dr. Jeffrey Bean finished his surgical residency at the California College of Podiatry in 1999 as valedictorian and received a number of awards and honors in podiatry, biomechanics.

He recently published a paper on the mechanical causes of diabetic ulcers.

With all his accolades, Dr. Jeffrey is ready to learn from his father's experience, while bringing new elements to the practice.

Dr. Jeffrey Bean specializes in complex trauma, diabetic limb salvage and reconstruction of foot and ambulatory surgery.

"We can do any problem with the foot, whatsoever," he said.

And there's plenty of foot problems to keep them both busy.

"People are a lot more aware of their health," said dad, Dr. Kim Bean. "Because of the Internet, they're more aware and there are more people in the (Carson) area."

Sierra Podiatry is located at 1801 N. Carson St., near Bath Street. Call (775) 882-1441.


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