Pasta mixed with politics Saturday at Community Center

It was hard to walk in the door without running into a candidate Saturday at Pasta and Politics, a special forum sponsored by Carson City's Democratic Women's Club at the Community Center.

Lightly attended, the nonpartisan forum gave politicians a chance to stump for their favorite cause in the finest of democratic traditions and most were taking advantage, but the candidates didn't have the only opinions.

As far as hot races go, people said they were interested in the Carson City Sheriff's race.

"From all reports, the sheriff's office has been in a state of disarray for some time. We need a new sheriff," said Carson City resident Gertrude Gottschalk. "And I want to see another woman in the Assembly District 40 seat. I like to see women in those jobs. They do better."

"There seems to be a lot of local interest in the sheriff's race and there are a lot of people running, but I'm disappointed in the lack of choices in other races. I'd like to see the Green Party put up a candidate," said Carson City resident Jean Bondiett with a smile.

Carson City resident Efraim Estrada is interested in both the sheriff's race and the Assembly District 40 race. He said he had some opinions, but wasn't sure, who'd get his vote.

According to the Carson City Elections office, 21,630 active voters are registered here, up just 2 percent from the 21,209 active voters in the 2000 primary. In 2000, 9,298 voters, or 43.8 percent, came to the polls.

Chief Elections Clerk Tammy Caldwell said early voters can cast their primary ballots at the clerk's office from Aug. 17 through Aug. 30.

The registration deadline for the Nov. 5 general election is Oct. 5 and early voting for the general election runs from Oct. 19 through Nov. 1.

The women's club hosted the candidates' forum and pasta feed as a fund-raiser.


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